Write what you know and know what you write

We’ve all heard it a million times. Write what you know. Well I know about sports, sports stars, and what goes on behind the scenes at the world’s biggest sporting events. I also know about love, but then again, don’t we all?

When it came to inspiration for The Sweet Spot I didn’t have to look very far. I spent almost two decades working on the men’s professional golf tours in both Europe and the USA. I travelled all over the world hosting press conferences, doing interviews with stars, socializing with the biggest names in golf and learning more about the sport than I ever wanted or needed to.

I have witnessed sheer joy and utter devastation and every emotion in between. I have seen things I will never, ever be able to un-see and know far too much about what goes on inside the walls of the world’s most luxurious hotels suites when the cat’s away!

I live in a very pretty village nestled in the foothills of the South Downs, right on the Surrey and West Sussex border. It is full of an eclectic mix of residents, most of whom congregate in the pub on a Friday night to catch up on news, gossip and have a really good moan about the new ‘townies’ moving into the area. I like to remind them I used to be a ‘townie’. It only took me ten years to be accepted!

When it came to writing my first novel it made complete sense to combine my gorgeous little village with the ins and outs of my day job and that’s how The Sweet Spot was born.

My characters developed over time but are pretty much all loosely based on people I know or have met through work. I have stolen names, used quirky personality traits and foibles of my friends and family, exaggerating them in the process for comedy and depth. The Sweet Spot is full of people I know. Let’s just hope they don’t realise it!

I’ve personally visited all of the glamorous locations in my book and been faithful to them in my writing. It was a challenge to get the right balance of golf to make it credible but not enough to turn my readers off, and I think I achieved this. Above all it is a classic romance and one that, hopefully, leaves my readers continuing to imagine my characters stories long after they have finished the book.

I’ve been in love. I’ve had my heart broken.  I’ve experienced joy and pain.

So yes, I really do know what I’m writing about.