It's all going swimmingly!

It has been a couple of weeks since The Sweet Spot went on sale and what a fortnight it has been. Straight into the top 10 in the UK and America, hot new release, invited on blog!

I believe in my book but there's always a seed of doubt when you put yourself and your work out there for others to read and critique.  So far so good. Lots of five star ratings and some lovely reviews.  

The second book in the Appleton Vale series is coming along nicely.  I'm still on the first draft and keep going back to change things but I'm running on schedule in terms of delivering the final draft in November.  I don't have an ending. In fact I have no idea where the story is going but that's just how I work.  It all fits together eventually. 

I do most of my character and chapter development when I'm walking Hector. We go out for a good couple of hours every day which gives me plenty of time to think in the peace and quiet of the countryside.  I also have conversation after conversation with myself (or Hector if I'm struggling for inspiration!) which I turn into speech for the book.  All I have to do is remember what I've decided upon by the time I get back to my laptop!

I still have a full time job (luckily working from home) so I'm finding it tough to block off some writing time at the moment.  I've promised myself that this is the week I'll crack the first draft...but then again I say that every week. 

Don't forget to buy The Sweet Spot and also to go back and review it afterwards. A recent review from one of Amazon's top bookworms says it all:

'Tasty, full of flavor and merely a hint of what a fun book this is to read' - Grady Harp.

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and I'm taking the afternoon off to nail a few chapters.